Success in tax consultancy and auditing for more than 15 years.

Having gained solid experience in more than 15 years of activity, our companies, which rank constantly among the leading companies in the western region of Romania, provide financial, accounting and auditing services designed to support your business .

We have in depth knowledge of both the current characteristics of the business environment in Romania (national and regional) and, due to our considerable experience, of its evolutionary peculiarities. As such, the solutions we offer will meet the immediate requirements of your business but, at the same time, are meant to serve its prospective dimensions.

Together with our clients, we have achieved notable successes based, on the one hand, on the professionalism of our specialists and, on the other hand, on the relationship of trust and loyalty we build on each occasion.

Why work with us?

Solid experience of over 15 years in taxation and auditing

We have been analyzing and applying Romanian tax legislation for over 15 years in various fields of activity (automobiles construction, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, plastics industry, non-banking financial institutions). We have faced the most diverse fiscal and financial problems and are prepared to enthusiastically address new challenges.

Responses, analyzes and custom-made opinions

We understand that an adequate and effective response cannot come from patterned reasoning. That is why we are committed to providing customized solutions that take into account the specifics of your business.

Promptness and responsibility for the solutions offered

It is important for us to respond promptly to your requests. We also want to make sure that the solutions we offer are feasible. That is why we always think in a responsible manner and firmly assume the conclusions we reach.

Our team

The team of the Mercescu Group of Companies is made up of 11 permanent members and 3 external collaborators. It brings together economics and law graduates, highly experienced specialists, as well as young enthusiasts who hold master degrees in auditing or accounting.


Founding partner
Economist, certified accounting expert, tax consultant and financial auditor



Senior partner
Economist, certified accounting expert


Cristian ROIBU

External collaborator
Economist, accountant, tax consultant, financial auditor


dr. Alexandra MERCESCU

External collaborator